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Honeyworld You're a Super-Bee Hamper


The SuperBee Hamper is a remarkable collection that brings together the iconic honeys of SuperBee, showcasing their diverse flavors and premium quality. This hamper is a tribute to the excellence of SuperBee's honey offerings. Here's what's included:


  • SuperBee Strawberry Squeeze Bear (250g): Delight in the sweetness of SuperBee Strawberry Honey, beautifully presented in an adorable bear-shaped squeeze bottle.


  • SuperBee Honey Macadamia (250g): Indulge in the rich, buttery goodness of SuperBee Honey Macadamia, a delightful honey variety with subtle hints of caramel.


  • SuperBee Honey Rainforest (250g): Discover the wonders of the rainforest with SuperBee Honey Rainforest, a honey that captures the rich flavors of lush tropical canopies.


  • SuperBee Honey Raw (250g Jar): Experience the pure, unprocessed goodness of SuperBee Raw Honey, a versatile staple that retains all the natural enzymes and health benefits of honey.


  • SuperBee Tasmanian Leatherwood Honey (42g): Immerse yourself in the unique and captivating taste of SuperBee Tasmanian Leatherwood Honey, sourced from the pristine wilderness of Tasmania.


  • Honey & Cinnamon (500g Jar): Enjoy the delightful blend of honey and cinnamon, a harmonious combination that adds a touch of warmth and spice to your culinary creations.


  • Wooden Honey Dipper: Complete your honey experience with the included Wooden Honey Dipper, a stylish and functional tool for serving honey.


  • Floral Blend (100g Honey): Savor the nuanced flavors of SuperBee's Floral Blend Honey, a delightful honey that captures the essence of various floral sources.


  • Yellow Box (100g Honey): Enjoy the distinctive taste of SuperBee Yellow Box Honey, known for its unique flavor profile and the nectar gathered from yellow box eucalyptus blossoms.


The SuperBee Hamper is a true celebration of the diverse and exceptional honey varieties offered by SuperBee. Whether you're gifting it to a honey enthusiast or exploring the world of honey yourself, this hamper offers a delightful assortment that showcases the natural sweetness and versatility of honey.


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