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Bees are some of the most important pollinators, ensuring food and food security, sustainable agriculture, and biodiversity, and they significantly contribute to the mitigation of climate change and the conservation of the environment.

A worker bee typically lives six weeks during the summer, and during that time it has a variety of different jobs — nurse, undertaker, architect, cleaner, attendant, guard, forager. However, worker bees that live in the wintertime have a longer lifespan and can live up to six months.

A honeybee carries pollen in specialized sacs on its hindlegs. You might have seen one with bright yellow packets of pollen on its legs as it returns to a hive from foraging. Many native, solitary bees are covered in stiff hairs to which pollen sticks. These bees can carry pollen all over their bodies, depositing it and helping with pollination as they move from flower to flower.

A worker bee is the typical bee that you would see, and the queen looks similar except her abdomen is about twice the length of a worker. This allows her to drop her abdomen into a honeycomb cell to lay an egg at the bottom. A drone bee is larger than a worker and is fuzzier.

National Trust Australia (Queensland) - Retail

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National Trust Australia (Queensland) - Retail

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